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About Rising Sun Kemono


Rising Sun Kemono is a Kemono creator run by Fudoki-san and Keba-kun. We are full service. We design, produce, photograph, sell and ship. Our furry suits are designed to appeal to humans who wish to transform into unique creatures. 



About The Artists


Seiku Tenshiseiku tenshi


@Keba__kun (Seiku Tenshi): Is our amazingly talented artist/designer/seamstress! She has been a master level seamstress for over 15 years producing thousands of products, costumes, and fursuits for people all over the world. With this much experience you will receive a fursuit that is the highest quality, long lasting, with exquisite details!

She has been a manga artist for 15+ years so you know your designs are in the best hands! She will bring your kemono fursuit ideas to life with the unique Japanese kemono style we all love!



@Fudoki-san (Mac): Is our crazy technical designer/administrator/everything else! He has over 10 Years of experience major entertainment companies designing, fabricating and managing new sets, props, animation.


During his experience he has worked on everything from bridges, cars, bikes, roller coasters, haunted houses, animatronics, costumes, fursuits, mascots and more. 



About the Suits


Our Fursuits are all made in-house. We produce everything ourselves and do not rely on outside companies for pieces (except the Fur, LED's, magnets, etc).


We produce all of our own patterns, foam head base, eyes, teeth, claws, paw-pads, misc parts, etc. With this information you always know that your suit is fully custom and unique to you! 



We can design the kemono fursuit of your dreams! Our artist Seiku Tenshi has a unique style and only used her own handcrafted bases. 

Fursuit, Kemono, Scupture
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Our head designs are hand carved out of clay giving them far more detail than 3D printed bases or foam carved. This gives our head sculptures realistic muscle details and lines that other methods can not match.


Once the sculpture is completed it is molded and casted in solid foam making it lighter and stronger than the upholstery foam carved heads.With this we can integrate all different type of features like LED's, Fans, and even smoke machines seamlessly into the heads.
We custom make each eye from scratch. Theres an infinite possibility of sizes, shapes, and colors. The clear dome cover over the eye gives them more depth and character then the typical 2D eyes. With our eye designs your vision is through the large pupil giving you better vision. 



All our kemono suits are made only from all new high quality faux fur fabric. The suits are tailored to fit snug and comfortable via the use of a DTD (Duct Tape Dummy)All body padding and details are custom made individually for each suit making them fit perfectly.With all our experience we look forward to making you the perfect suit. 


Our Paws are custom made to fit each person perfectly. The hands are based off each persons hand traces and have great dexterity. The feet are designed for each person and incorporate a shoe of your size so that they are a comfortable fit. 




What is a Kemono?

 ケモノ(ケモノは文字通り獣または動物を意味します)スーツは、日本の特定のスタイルのスーツを指します。デザインは、漫画やアニメのスタイルでかわいい動物の特徴をブレンドするためのものです。 ケモノを定義する主な機能は、目と頭の形にあります。私にとって、これはアニメのキャラクターに見られるような目を大きくすることと、控えめながら表情豊かな顔を持つ伝統的に小さな鼻を意味します。彼らは非常に明確であり、そのデザインとスタイリングのために群衆の中で際立っています。また、短所についても公開しています。Kemonoは、私たちが達成しようとしている目の特定の外観のために、可視性を優先事項として設計されていません。スーツに慣れ、快適に一人で歩き回るまでハンドラーを用意することを常にお勧めします。通常、ケモノにはより多くのシェイピングがあり、これらのスーツは標準のファースーツよりも高温になる可能性があるため、必要なときに大量の水を飲んで休んでください!クライアントにスーツを着るときに日本の冷却パッドを使用するようにしています。

A Kemono (ケモノ literally meaning beast or animal) suit refers to a specific style of Japanese fursuit. The designs are meant to blend cute animal features in a manga or anime style. The main features that define Kemono are in the eyes and shape of the head. For me this means enlarged eyes like you find on anime characters as well as a traditionally smaller snout with a subdued but expressive face. They are very distinct and stand out in a crowd due to their design and styling. I’m also open about the cons, Kemono are not designed with visibility as a priority due to the specific look of the eyes that we strive to achieve. I always recommend that you have a handler until you get used to the suit and are comfortable walking around alone in it. Kemono typically have more shaping which requires more foam padding that can make these suits hotter than a standard fur suit, so drink plenty of water and rest when you need to! I have my clients use Japanese cooling pads when wearing their suits.