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利用規約 Terms Of Service

Terms of Service


Please read and Understand before Commissioning Or Ordering



By placing a down payment for a suit from Rising Sun Kemono you accept to work with us and agree to these terms and conditions.



Special Edition Fursuit Ordering


These are pre-designed. They are priced, designed and production ready. Once the order has been placed a confirmation will be sent to confirm the following information: Customers age is over 18 years old, Measurements, Selected options, and Delivery Schedule.



Custom Commission Quotes / Ordering


Quotes are strictly an estimate of the overall price regarding the product. In no way do they bind you in a contract with us, nor are they an affirmation that your commission has been accepted.


When sending in a quote, please fill out our form to the fullest extent. Including but not limited to images, measurements, references, and descriptions. Any quotes or quote requests are only accepted and responded to via our Commission page submission. Quotes are only valid for Thirty (30) days from the date they are answered. Project duration mentioned in the quote is only a rough estimate and will not be finalized until final payment, measurements, agreed to design and DTD is received.


Identification shall be provided to prove that the ordering party is the same as the depositor and ID card.



Custom Character Commission


Custom characters are required to have clear 2-3 views of reference pictures for the character. This can be through various artworks, photos of existing suits, or most importantly reference sheets.



You must have a clear view of the front, back, arms, legs, tail, and head. Any markings or colors that are inconsistent between artwork, photos, ref sheets, etc, need to be addressed in the quote email. Fur colors will be matched to references provided. 



If you have preferred fur choices or colors, it is your duty to inform us. if the quality of the fur you have chosen is in our opinion substandard, we are free to use a higher quality fur of similar or alike colors at our own discretion. Fur colors vary frequently so it is solely our authority to choose which colors best represent references provided. 



On occasion, a fur dye lot or a certain style will be out of stock and may not be reproducible. By commissioning us, you relinquish the rights to us to make the final decision in what fur colors and types to use for your character. 



We will do our best to work with you to get the exact colors and fur types you had in mind, but it is not guaranteed.



Descriptions of characters, as well as references photos of real life animals are also welcome, however they are subject to our own interpretation. We have the final say with any design or concept that does not have a strict reference of it. 



By choosing Rising Sun Kemono you understand that we specialize and produce Japanese Kemono Style Fursuits. References provided that are more realistic, or otherwise far away from a Kemono design are indeed acceptable, but will only be used as a guide to making a Kemono style Fursuit. We will not replicate any other maker’s styles or characters.



Rising Sun Kemono is an ever changing and adapting company. Older, outdated designs of any of our products, sculptures, molds, etc. may no longer exist and can be refused to work with at our discretion.





 A NON REFUNDABLE down payment of 30% is required to secure a design and/or a spot in our commission list. Full payment on your suit is required before beginning work on your fursuit.



For payment we currently accept credit, debit, and PayPal for all customers. Keep in mind any delays in paying may result in the loss of your spot on our commissioning list, delay in your order, and can end with termination of your quote/order.



Our commission list is based on the order in which suits are paid off. For example, someone who pays off their suit in full will be have a completed suit before someone who is on a payment plan. 



We do accept payment plans. Payment plans do not account for the required 30% down payment and only reflect the remaining 70% of the total.



Payment plans are limited to only be broken out to two separate payments outside the initial deposit (e.g. 30% deposit, 40% payment #1, 30% payment #2).



 We will not work on your suit until full payment has been received.






All suits we make have a 90-day warranty from the date of shipping. If you are considering the warranty, please have the shipping post marked within the 90 days, otherwise fees may be applied to otherwise free services. 



The warranty includes, but is not limited to, holes or ripped seams, incorrect sizes of parts such as head, bodies, hands and feet, and areas where adhesives fail. 



 This warranty will NOT cover wear and tear, self-inflicted damage, and incorrect sizing of parts of which the commissioner is accountable. (for example, having size 8 shoes but requesting a suit with size 6 shoes, or giving improper body measurements and receiving a suit that is either too small or too baggy). 



Any outside modifications (that have were not approved by Rising Sun Kemono) voids the warranty and any adjustments/repair thereafter will require payment. You will receive confirmation and a schedule of when these fixes will be made.



Please keep in mind there will be delays to fursuits outside of warranty. We reserve the right to void warranty at our discretion. 



Refunds and returns


Refunds are not available for the 30% deposit, regardless of circumstance. Once a costume is complete, a refund is no longer available. If a commission happens to be cancelled during construction, a refund will be warranted based off what work has already been done. This reflects the remaining 70% of the total cost and is calculated by hours worked on the suit and materials used. We hold the right to refuse and refund in full at our own discretion.


Note that Returns are not accepted under any circumstances.



Design and Changes


After confirming your spot via deposit payment, you are in our system and your order is placed. If there are any changes you may come across, they must be made before work on your commission is started, otherwise they are subject to delays. 



Some changes are small and easy to edit, such as adding eyelids and eyebrows. Choosing to have a different character done, editing a current character with multiple new colors or markings, or requesting additional large parts, may incur an extra cost and prolong your time in queue.



Please bear this in mind if you plan any debut dates, as new changes unaccounted for may cause us to have to adjust our schedule. デビュー日を計

 電子メール、テキストメッセージ、インスタントメッセンジャーなどが拘束力のある契約であるかどうかにかかわらず、書面で両当事者が合意したもの。 朝日ケモノからの訴訟に対して頭金を支払うことにより、お客様は当社と協力し、これらの条件に同意することに同意します。

Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, whether email, text message, instant messenger, etc is a binding contract. By placing a down payment for a suit from Rising Sun Kemono you accept to work with us and agree to these terms and conditions.


Please keep a record of any transactions, conversations, or emails we conduct. 





All commissions are subject to possible delays. Any commissions not under rush deadline do not have any guaranteed completion dates.





Any dates discussed are estimates, which are subject to change based on multiple factors including but not limited to complexity of projects, position in queue, and our overall workload.



Guaranteed con deadlines will incur an additional fee of 25%-50% of the cost of the whole project being commissioned. 


This will be considered on case by case basis dependent on a number of variables; including but not limited to: Commission date, convention date, proximity of convention, number of currently available rush fee slots.

大会が大会初日の少なくとも5営業日前に完了した場合、大会の締め切りは満たされたとみなされます。 (または別の方法で日付またはイベントに合意)

A convention deadline will be considered fulfilled if the suit is completed at least 5 business days before the first day of the convention. (Or otherwise agreed upon date or event)


Expedited shipping for con deadlines must be covered by the commissioner at the time of shipping. 



If for whatever reason the agreed upon deadline is not made, the rush fee will be refunded. This offer will not include last minute changes to date, time, or location.



(We are not responsible for any delays that may arise from postal services being slowed, if the package is stuck in customs, or lack of communication on the part of the commissioner that might impede expedited delivery). 





All fursuits are shipped once suit is complete and final payment is received


Shipping within the United States will be conducted by United States Postal Service Priority shipping with tracking. Expedited shipping will be at the expense of the commissioner. Please consider this if you wish to have your fursuit shipped in time for a convention. 


International shipping is through United States Postal Service International Shipping with tracking. 


The cost of shipping will be determined when your suit is boxed and weighed. It is required before shipping a suit out. 


Return shipping for repairs, adjustments, etc will be at the cost of the commissioner. 



Repairs and Alterations



Repairs and/or alterations outside of the warranty are at the cost of the commissioner including shipping and return shipping. We may be able to give you an estimate on the cost of the repair, though it is subject to change.


Once we have the suit inspected we will be able to give you an exact cost of the repairs as well as the completion time. We will not return a fursuit until it is fully paid for.


If you're sending in your fursuit to us to get alterations or repairs we require that the suit MUST be clean before you send it in. We refuse to work on a dirty bodysuit for cleanliness reasons. 


If you send us a bodysuit that is dirty, a fee for cleaning will be applied. Cleaning a fursuit takes a lot of time so please do it beforehand. 





 遅延は時々発生します。ソーシャルメディアには遅延が投稿されますので、質問がある場合はこちらをご覧いただくか、RSKemono @ gmail.comまでメールでお問い合わせください。遅延は、メールで合意された期限を上書きします。自主的に締め切りに間に合うように最善を尽くしますが、それをする必要はありません。

Delays will occur from time to time. We post any delays on our social media so if there any questions please look there or e-mail us at RSKemono@gmail.com. Any delays override deadlines agreed upon in email. We will do our best to meet any self-imposed deadlines, but are not required to make them.



About the handling of produced characters


Kemono Suit Usage Guidelines



Prohibited matter

  • 商用利用 Commercial use 
  • 商標の登録 Registration of trademark 
  • 宗教や政治に関連するキャラクターとして使用するUse as a character related to religion or politics 
  • 芸術性のない明示的な性的表現、性的な衣装を着用し、行為として使用するExplicit sexual expression without artistry , wearing sexual costumes, and using it as an act 
  • アダルトサイトでのキャラクターの外観 Character appearance on adult sites 
  • キャラクターを使用した暴力行為(知覚できる行為)Violent acts using characters (acts that can be perceived) 
  • 転売Resale 
  • パターン、シルエット、およびその他の設計変更の許可されていない変更 Unauthorized changes in patterns, silhouettes, and other design changes 
  • 正しい組み合わせ以外のキャラクターを着用する(部分的なスタイルを除く)Wearing a character other than the correct combination (excluding partial styles) 
  • キャラクターに尊厳を欠き、オブジェクトのように振る舞うニックネームの命名Naming nicknames that lack dignity to the characters, act like objects 


These characters remain ours, even if they become privately owned. The characters represent our company. They reflect on our company. Please help and treat us with respect as we put a lot of hard work into each design. If you violate the prohibited matter, you will lose the ownership of the character.





 All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of Florida or another location mutually agreeable to the parties. 


The arbitration shall be conducted on a confidential basis pursuant to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association